It’s sad to see someone who was once respected, blundering around amongst the Hottentots of the European Union, and being sidelined and snubbed, but what could she expect? I’m a European, I like the EU and I can see its virtues, as well as its limitations. Brexit was never going to run and had the EU let it, it would have been the first nail in the coffin of the European Dream, and all the important political and social changes made since the WW2.

Brexiteers don’t see that, although whether it is due to political blindness or just plain ignorance is, I suppose,  a matter for history to judge. But, I will have a shot at this now, along with half the TV and radio stations in Europe, because I do not think that it is simply a matter of money – and we do get poorer by the week – but the relationship that the political elite or establishment has with its voters, supporters, and with their own contemporaries. Perhaps a generational problem, or even a problem with the media itself, over the last two years; what sounded irrational on day one, now apparently sounds like good sense twenty four months later. But why?

At the very beginning, the whole subject of Brexit was conducted like a school debate, which – for the uninformed  – means that you can say what you like and it doesn’t matter one jot. People like Farage, Gove, Boris Johnson, and Rees-Mogg, all told tall tales which only very thick, or pathological supporters could possibly condone. Conducted in a light-hearted and irresponsible way, it is hardly surprising that many of the gullible listeners might take what they had to say at face value; after all, they were elected leaders! And, they did!

But these politico’s are people who have access to the facts, because, in their establishment world, there are many valid think tanks with accurate information, or facts emanating from their own esteemed Civil Service sources. So they lied consistently and arrogantly and treated it all as a big joke.

From the very beginning most journalists could see the difficulties arising over Ireland, or the backstop as it is now known – even I got that right – and like many, we could foresee huge difficulties arising from this gritty and historical barrier. Because it was not only Michel Barnier’s passionate speech in the Doyle, or the rights of free passage, but the Good Friday Agreement itself.

The end to eighty years of bloodshed and political turmoil in Ireland, was greatly due to the European Union, and without both the UK and the Republic of Ireland being members of the EU, I doubt if the Irish problem – as it was once so patronizingly know by the Brits – would have been entirely resolved today.

So, who are the so-called idealistically motivated factions in the UK parliament; how did this all start, and how has the whole subject dominated the media and the House of Commons, for the last year and a half? If a week is a long time in politics, how about two or more years?

In the beginning, almost everyone who had something to say about Brexit had another card up their sleeve. They all thought that they could suborn supporters away from the other side of the referendum because the result was so close. People who wished to remain became leaver’s – and made passionate speeches, to support their conflicting views – and leaver’s coughed up encouraging fictional and quite unprovable evidence, to support their side of the debate

The question is, why do we take any of them seriously, why are they leading us into a big black hole, and why are we letting them? The media go around the UK interviewing numpty’s and calling their inane utterances a valid opinion, and the serious newspapers, mostly cuddle up to the various factions in parliament, which they either regard as their heroes or more likely, they see themselves as one of them.

Mrs May is not only in contempt of parliament, laughed at in Brussels, derided in the House of Commons, and clearly not very good at ‘Snakes & Ladders,’ but she should throw in the towel and retire with what little dignity remains.