Surplus to Requirement? – BALKAN NEWS MAGAZINE


All that the Brexit debacle has proved, is the utter irrelevance of the Westminster parliament, the House of Commons is a joke, the British Government a version of The Muppet Show, and Theresa May is a charlatan Prime Minister, who is busy wrecking our country.

There are decent MPs of course – who are largely ignored – but most are a bunch of mendacious clowns, clinging to their salaries, and kowtowing to their ever-changing party lines, with little hope for the future. I think that the best solution is to close down both Houses of Parliament completely and hand over the keys to Brussels. Thereby ripping up Article 50, and dispersing with the bloody fools who agreed to it, we could all then sleep peacefully in our beds. Ah, that’s better!

In a way, what I have said is the underlying reason for Brexit. British politics has never been the same since WW2 when to Divide and Conquer Europe, became a thing of the past. With no more pointless wars to conjure up from nothing, no more territories colonize, and with only the memory of our valiant past, perhaps Great Britain is not so great any more.


Avid Brexiteers discussing WTO rules and the future of Great Britain?

Powerful, rich, but decidedly paunchy, with the antics of the current Tory government in full flow – and getting up the nose of the whole of Europe – how long will it be before we talk about Little England, Ireland as a one nation-state, with Wales and Scotland as federated parts of Europe.

“We would never allow it,” I hear our noble parliamentarians say. But, you don’t seem able to do anything these days, without appearing to be neutered, pointless, and quite frankly, boring. “They couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery,” seems to be the general consensus of the present government, and, “She couldn’t run bloody a sweet shop,” refers to our very own weaselling Theresa May.

With only days to go, and politics running at the same level as parts of Eastern Europe, I am ashamed of my country, for the first time in my life. What say you?

Patrick Brigham