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To say that Julian Assage was a mixed up kid, is an understatement. With a mother who was somewhat peripatetic when it came to her personal relationships, having lived in over 30 homes and as many towns, by the time he was in his mid-teen years there was very little sense of permanence in his life. Assange, his mother Christine and a half brother, finally settled in Melbourne, Victoria, where – his education having been similarly disrupted – he finally ended up studying at Melbourne University.

Although he failed to complete his degree – and despite his enforced residence at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London – this is a man who has done more than anyone to expose the mendacity, lack of integrity, and routine intrigue, of whole layers of western government during the course of the last twenty years.


Julian Assange

To sum up Julian Assage, he is first and foremost an enigma, secondly, a prolific and successful computer hacker, and finally, an ace programmer. His name will ever be synonymous with the works of  Wikileaks, which he founded in 1994, and his fit-up by the US legal authorities.

Assange, despite being feared and despised by the majority of western political organizations, Donald Trump – at the beginning of his Presidency, at least – was moved to congratulate him for his exposure of US political hypocrisy, Kant, and the downright lies which were flooding the media. Although this may not be quite so striking anymore – now the Trump administration has been put under pressure – nevertheless, by my appalling standards at least, he remains a beacon of light to all journalists.


Edward Snowdon

What is true, is that his presence on the scene, along with Edward Snowdon and even Chelsea Manning, has exposed a number of high profile political crimes and misdemeanours, all of which have served to render the errors of truth compounded  by the US military, their eminent spokesmen, and sundry US government officials too.

President Vladimir Putin is totally aware of these peccadillo’s and laughs at the brio and self-importance of the targeted groups, most of whom think that the truth is –well – an alternative fact. He, of course, has a very old fashioned way of shutting up his critics and controlling the issue. But, he also has Edward Snowdon. Assuming he is a genuine guest of the Russian Federation, one wonders why he manages to say so little. After all, with time on his hands, he can’t have much to do in a place like Moscow. Or, does he? And, what is the future for Wikileaks?


Chelsie Manning

In the end the US Justice Department will have to give up any hope for the successful entrapment of Julian Assage. Sweden is simply not going to play ball, and having recently dropped the criminal charges against him, all that remains is for the Metropolitan Police to dump their case against him, for failing to report to the police, as a condition of bail. They initially had at the time, a European Arrest Warrant, which is now defunct.

Every so often Assange lets loose a barrage of decrypted emails and classified communications, just to remind the powers that be, he is around, in good fettle, and still bloody dangerous. So, they would be wise to treat him with a little caution and regard his time spent at the Embassy of Equador, as time spent in custody, as the seventh year of his enforced residence is now on the horizon.

Now he is being held at Her Majesties Pleasure we can now wait to see if British Justice is not politically controlled by the US, and that little Brexit Britain still retains some decency.

Patrick Brigham