Climate Control & Knobheads – BALKAN NEWS MAGAZINE


It became abundantly clear to me today – as I defrosted the fridge, and copious amounts of water appeared on the kitchen floor – that when ice melts, it seems to release water that is greater in volume than the ice itself.

I’m no expert on climate change, but even I can understand that if the icecaps melt, the sea level will rise, and various parts of the world will – at some point – cease to exist. Also, I am observant enough to notice that, changes in the Earth’s atmosphere, also affect traditional weather patterns. And, how do I know this?

Well, even a blind man can see it happening daily on television, if he looks hard enough, enough to understand that flooding does not represent a natural disaster anymore, and that it is clearly man made. And, why does President Trump, and his gang of cohorts, choose to ignore the obvious? It must be something to do with money, the ultimate root of all evil, I can’t think of anything else.

U.S. President Obama is welcomed by French President Hollande as he arrives for the opening day of the World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) at Le Bourget, near Paris

This year there have been extremes in weather worldwide, flooding has been the most damaging, and responsible for the loss of a great many lives. When this occurred in Texas, as it continues to do so, Trump is seen as ignorant of the facts, or oblivious to them. Not only has he recently pulled out of the Paris Conference, earmarking clear facts as erroneous and misleading, but so have those around him, who seem to agree with his every word.

This might have pleased the coal miners of Pennsylvania, and all those groups who rely on digging bad fossil fuels out of the ground to make a living, but it seems that he has also summoned Lucifer into the bargain. In order to maintain blue collar support in these areas, he has simultaneously let loose a whole new problem within America. Reminiscent of the Great Depression, it seems that by going back to basics, Trump has managed to motivate all the right wing white supremacists, and the KKK into the bargain.

We all know that the world is partly populated by disenfranchised and angry people, many of whom are out of work, and many who are severely under educated. Often a black problem, since the evolution of the Global Economy, most of the unskilled and semi-skilled jobs, have taken a beating everywhere in the west, and have been ‘knowingly’ exported to the Far East and China. So, it is hardly surprising we are told, that right wing agitators are agitating for a job, proper recognition, and of course their rightful place in the sun.


I know that many currently employed people support the same causes, and many in the American middle classes too. But, as with Nazism in the 1930s, extremist right wing causes and political parties are a part of the chaos, are very good at exploiting, and finding weak spots in the political arena.

Although we are told that employment in the US is gaining momentum, this is only true of certain areas. The South and the dysfunctional industrial areas, are not represented in this convenient national statistic, and by taking the coal miners of Pensylvania out of the job queue, Trump has unintentionally reopened a can of worms, which should have been left festering away in history. Ham fisted, and a very loose cannon, President Trump seems to be destined for impeachment at some point, his way to hell being due in part, to his own good intentions.

Since his election, the republican movement has been obsessed with gainsaying almost anything good coming from the Obama administration. More like naughty schoolboys than wicked uncles, from this side of the pond, one wonders if anyone in the US government is actually thinking things through. Instead of keeping what is good, and solving some of the more pressing political and social problems, what we get from Trump are fences on the Mexican border, denial of climate change, a total misunderstanding of radical Islam, and of course – the standing joke about America in general – a rather vague perception of geography.


In an odd sort of way, the Texas floods must have brought some reality home to Donald Trump, and his band of sycophants, especially the true power of nature. Far more powerful than his previously quoted military option for North Korea, remarks about Putin.,and far more damaging,.Surely now is the time to return to the Paris Conference, to curtail his home based popularity antics, to stop acting like a knob-head, and to try very hard not to cause World War Three!

Charlie Loftus