Brexit & Magic Roundabout – BALKAN NEWS MAGAZINE


It sounded more like ‘Magic Rounderbout,’ than serious politics, and that might be because – without Florance, Dillan and Zebedee on the rostrum – the City of Florance, was stuck with Prime Minister Theresa May. With the hot Brexiteer air blowing exclusively towards the UK, and its withering supporters, one wonder’s how EU representatives managed to stop laughing at the whole performance. In the end Theresa’s ‘magic roundabout,’ neglected to play the familier closing jingle about ‘Getting a Good Deal,’ instead, it was definitely  ‘Time for Bed.’


And it really was, because half the audience was asleep by the end of her speech. With little jaded faces watching the closing moments, knowing instinctively what she was going to say next, the front row was almost exclusively made up of current cabinet Brexiteers. Clapping and cheering at the allotted time, most looked bored out of their skulls as the PM rambled through her address, in her time honored fashion. She is a good speaker, but in this case, words were not enough.

The result of this alleged Euro-shattering speech, was a dull acknowledgement from Brussels, that there might be some additional scope for improvement, in the otherwise intractable negotiations. How David Davis has the gall to stand next to Michel Barnier – and practically contradict him about the progress of talks – is a master class in self deception. Or is it a fundamental belief, that the British public only listens to his slightly jingoistic accounts, and no one else. But the UK is not exclusively made up of Telegraph readers, is it? Because, some of us also watch the BBC and SKY?


The trouble with Brexit is that it hasn’t been properly thought out by the incumbent UK government, nor the original Brexiteers. It is all right making misleading speeches to a room full of sycophants, but if you leave out half the facts, of course they are going to support you. Politics is about promises, and some of the promise’s were ridiculous.

Not only that, but opportunists like Boris Johnson are still quite prepared to repeat these lies, knowing full well that the ignorant, the brainwashed, and these very same sycophants amongst the general public, will automatically support him. I would like to see the promised 350m GBP appear in the public purse, at some point, although they might have to sell that damned bus first.


David David looks wistfully into the past

Whilst the front row forwards of the Conservative Party were watching May deliver her impassioned speech, I wonder how many of them were sizing up the odds, for taking over her job as prime minister? They really are a bunch of weasels, and one can almost imagine them simultaneously jockeying for positions in some fictitious new cabinet, of ‘wunderkind’ Brexiteer’s.

In the event of a Conservative leadership battle, or cabinet reshuffle, these stalwarts might do well to recognize 50 years of  EU expertise in procrastination, prevarication, and pontification. This is something that anyone who has had dealings with the EU in the past – at any level I might add – has had to contend with.



Michel Barnier, for all his charm and due deference to David Davis, is a typical EU troglodyte, and regards the British with suspicion. He knows full well that the UK, is still steeped in its colonial history, and that many Britons are slightly contemptuous towards certain countries in the EU, especially in Northern Europe. It was the traditional breeding ground for UKIP, it was when the present government joined in, and it had to happen.

There is nothing like a hardened ‘Flat Earther,’ to support your cause. Working people – locked in the misery of debt – are unlikely to have feelings for, or even views about the EU, except extremely bad ones. Brexiteer’s relied on this, knowing that if people were going to blame their uncomfortable circumstances on anyone, it would be the EU. Of course, having caused most of these problems in the first place, the present Tory government then joined in post referendum, then started to talk about democracy, and the will of the people.


How stupid do they think we are? They are not supporting democracy, they are supporting a bunch of nostalgic cotton heads, overpaid investment bankers and fund managers, whilst ignoring the needs and views of the very people they claim to represent; the young. Many young people, who come from these same debt ridden communities, are now lumbered with huge student loans of their very own. They will have an extremely bleak future, unless of course we all get ‘A Very Good Deal,’ as promised! And now, I think it is time for bed – Boing!

By Charlie Loftus