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The Hills Are Alive

The gullible British public sometimes confuses common sense with patriotism. They invest their total support in politicians, who are there at the negotiating table – not because they are far sighted pragmatists – but because they misled the voters in the first place.


Prime Minister Theresa May

Somehow, with comic book credulity, the Brexiteers managed to dumb down the whole process in the media, and with their absurd claims, managed to suspend voters disbelief. Within the UK establishment, but mainly within England itself, Brexiteers could now be looking at a fragmented nation. Causing the UK to form into federated states – with an independent Scotland, and a unified Ireland on the horizon – these ardent politicos could easily reverse history, and back Great Britain into the Little England parking place.


Jean-Claud Junker & Michel Bernier

Now, these political peacocks; claiming to be able to get the best deal for Britain, are up against the horse traders of Europe, and these horse traders are not mugs either.

Absurdly, British politicians disguise their success in the referendum by describing it as democracy, when it might just as easily be described as deceit. But now that the Brexit cards have been dealt, we will be able to discover the true winners and losers in this game of European Poker, and finally determine who the ‘Jokers’ are in the pack. Lets see what the General Election does, because, it might not make the slightest difference?


Chief Brexit Negotiator David Davis

I don’t know what British diplomats  are saying to Theresa May, other than being as obsequious and comforting as possible.  And we can all sing the Danny Kay song, The Kings New Clothes – “The King is in the altogether, he’s altogether as naked as the day that he was born, La La.”

This will be no help to a floundering David Davis, as he tries to quip his way through the choking poison ivy of EU laws and legislation, with his nemesis Michel Bernier; his boss Jean-Cloud Junker standing close behind in the foliage. Because, affable though they might seem on the surface, behind them are twenty-seven EU countries, all with different venues, and some of whom may be far more vindictive than the British Government might imagine.

Theresa May holds a cabinet meeting at Chequers

Prime Minister Cabnet

I think that many countries in the EU are looking for a fight, and are dying to humiliate the Brits in any way possible. Especially now, since they have put a starting figure of 100 Billion Euro, as the price of divorce, which rather like a large electricity bill, has left most Brexiteers spluttering in indignation.


As to Theresa May being a tough lady, even Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher had her misgivings during her administration. Ultimately brought down – in her latter days – by the ‘toadies’ she surrounded herself with, British Prime Minister,Theresa May, is starting off with similar toadies! So heaven knows how they will behave during the Brexit talks, and how many revolts will occur, as the peacock chicks preen themselves for greater office?

The Editor