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This is the tale of an ordinary man, whose life has been spent in spectacular obscurity. Alfred Prufrock is not a man who chases distinction, nor fame or fortune, but is someone who studies life’s painted canvas, grateful that he is in it at all. Pleased to remember the simple pleasures of life, love on a budget, and cups of tea; how else should we ordinary mortals live our lives? T.S.Eliot remembered a time when London was beset by smog, where even navigating the streets of London was a perilous business, but these days the perils we have to face are far more frightening.


When various pundits have finished spewing out their tedious and oft-repeated mantra’s about succeeding in life, what they really mean is making money. In a world in which smug billionaires are presented as the ultimate role model, are these shallow and often unsophisticated people really how we want to be? Would you like to be like Trump, for example, or the grossly enigmatic Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook – who reminds me of  Data in Star Trek – are these the new wannabes?

In fact, whilst the world is taking selfies, it is being divided into two categories. Firstly, people who own almost everything in the world – including most of us – who claim with false modesty, that what they do is simply to create wealth. Wealth which in turn creates jobs, and that their vast fortunes are not being squandered on toy’s, palaces, or gigantic plastic boats.


Theresa May in The North East

Secondly, there are people who are either JAM’s – just about managing – or many unfortunates who wonder why they cannot get a proper job, with all these rich people about? Many people live in less wealthy areas – like the West Midlands in the UK, and of course the blighted North East. This is where our beloved ex-Prime Minister has recently gone, in order to popularise her newest ‘White Paper,’ prior to Borris Bollocks.

Not to the unemployed and lost – who would do anything to get a proper job, and not a minimum wage contract with no prospects – but to the Tory Party faithful, who with their conservative middle class credentials intact, fawned round the highly deluded Theresa May, oblivious of the fact that even some of her own middle-class neighbours are struggling.

In a world where people are at each other’s throats – whilst bombarding us with media trivia, and consummate drivel – and with two-bit snake oil salespeople for leaders; lying to their voters, and each other alike, isn’t it time to change the political landscape? Is it time to instigate the liberal view, and to get away from the extremists who presently dominate the world stage; from bully boys, greedy bankers, nationalists, warmongers, incompetent governments, and an unprincipled media? Is it time to start telling the truth?



Patrick Brigham